April 5, 2006 Sketcher
Performing Operations on Profiles1) Creating CornersThis task shows how to create a rounded corner (arc tangent to two curves) between two lines using trimming operation. You can create rounded corn Read More
Profile creation
Sketching Simple Profilesa) Creating a ProfileThis task shows how to create a closed profile. A profile may also be open (if you click the profile end point in the free space). Profiles may be compo Read More
Sketcher Costraints
Creating Constraints1 Creating Dimensional/Geometrical ConstraintsHere we will see how to set dimensional or geometrical constraints between one, two or three elements. The constraints are in priori Read More
Sketcher Basics 2
COLORS and GRAPHICAL PROPERTIESGrey: Construction Element Elements that are internal to, and only visualized by, the sketch. These elements are used as positioning references. These elements cannot Read More
Sketcher Basics 1
Sketcher workbenchThe Sketcher workbench enables us to create and edit 2D geometry. You can set constraints between geometrical elements.1 Entering Sketcher WorkbenchCreating a sketch: To create Read More