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Performing Operations on Profiles 1) Creating Corners This task shows how to create a rounded corner (arc tangent to two curves) between two lines using trimming operation. You can create rounded corners between curves. Click the Corner icon from

Profile creation

Sketching Simple Profiles a) Creating a Profile This task shows how to create a closed profile. A profile may also be open (if you click the profile end point in the free space). Profiles may be composed of lines and arcs, which you create either

Sketcher Costraints

Creating Constraints 1 Creating Dimensional/Geometrical Constraints Here we will see how to set dimensional or geometrical constraints between one, two or three elements. The constraints are in priority dimensional. Use the contextual menu to g

Sketcher Basics 2

COLORS and GRAPHICAL PROPERTIES Grey: Construction Element Elements that are internal to, and only visualized by, the sketch. These elements are used as positioning references. These elements cannot be visualized in the 3D and therefore cannot be

Sketcher Basics 1

Sketcher workbench The Sketcher workbench enables us to create and edit 2D geometry. You can set constraints between geometrical elements. 1 Entering Sketcher Workbench Creating a sketch: To create a sketch, Select Start -> Mechanical Des