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A Class surfacing and its importance: A class surfaces are those aesthetic/ free form surfaces, which are visible to us (interior/exterior), having an optimal aesthetic shape and high surface quality. Mathematically class A surface are those surf

Assembly Design

The Assembly Design used to create an assembly starting from scratch. Here is illustration of the several stages of creation you may encounter for an assembly. 6.1 Creating an Assembly Document This task will show you how to enter the Assembly De

Drafting 2

New Page 3 8. Interactive Drafting The basic tasks you will perform in the Interactive Drafting workbench mainly deal with creating and modifying 2D elements and their related attributes on a predefined sheet. 8.1 Tools Toolbar The Tools toolbar


7.Generative Drafting workbench The Generative Drafting workbench provides a simple method to create and modify views on a predefined sheet. You may also add, modify and/or delete dressup and 2D elements to these views. All this is performed on a sh

Surface Modeling

The basic tasks you will perform in the Wireframe and Surface workbench are mainly the creation of wireframe and surface geometry you will use to build your part design. When creating a geometric element, you often need to select other elements as in

Part Design 2

4 DRESSING UP OF SOLIDS 4.1 Edge Fillet Edge fillets are smooth transitional surfaces between two adjacent faces. With the use of a constant radius: the same radius value is applied to the entire edges. Click the Edge Fillet icon . The Edge Fil

Part Design 1

The Part Design application makes it possible to design precise 3D mechanical parts with an intuitive and flexible user interface, from sketching in an assembly context to iterative detailed design. Part Design application will enable you to acco


Performing Operations on Profiles 1) Creating Corners This task shows how to create a rounded corner (arc tangent to two curves) between two lines using trimming operation. You can create rounded corners between curves. Click the Corner icon from

Profile creation

Sketching Simple Profiles a) Creating a Profile This task shows how to create a closed profile. A profile may also be open (if you click the profile end point in the free space). Profiles may be composed of lines and arcs, which you create either

Sketcher Costraints

Creating Constraints 1 Creating Dimensional/Geometrical Constraints Here we will see how to set dimensional or geometrical constraints between one, two or three elements. The constraints are in priority dimensional. Use the contextual menu to g